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About Us

Imagine a place where rural youth aren't just learning - they're innovating.

At VIRT Vigyan Ashram, our students' deep dive into the heart of innovative rural technologies. We focus on various areas like engineering, energy, water and waste management, food processing, agriculture, and animal husbandry.
But that’s not all. We also polish their business acumen and interpersonal skills through our distinguished Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT). Proudly recognized by the National Institute of Open Schooling and backed by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Today, we're more than an institute. We're a movement.

Our Story

Nimar Abhyudaya: Lighting Hope, One Village at a Time

In 2005, Bharti Didi performed the Narmada Parikrama. Little did she know this would serve as one of the biggest turning points of her life.
She witnessed the villages there lacking two essential things: education and health. Instead of just passing by, she felt a deep pull in her heart to make a difference for the children over there and their future.
After her journey around the Narmada, Bharti Didi made a brave choice. She left her job and moved to Mandleshwar, a serene town by the Narmada.

There, the dream of Nimar Abhyudaya took root. From humble beginnings with free coaching classes known as Narmadalaya, the seeds of change were sown.
And what wonderful growth they showed! From one village to 15, the dream expanded. And when the kind-hearted Talwar Baba gifted land in Lepa Punarwas, it became the center of our ever-growing mission.

Today, Nimar Abhyudaya proudly runs three schools, a technical institute, and a hostel. All with one goal in mind: to transform lives.
Join us on this heartwarming journey. Be part of a change that started with a dream and today spreads smiles and hope, one village at a time!

Narmadalay campus
VIRT School

Our Vision

We see a future where education isn't just about books, but about awakening potential.

We want to build a place where quality in education is a given, constantly refined to meet the dreams of our students. Where women don’t just learn but also lead, and unlock their full potential.
Beyond the classrooms, we want to build leadership qualities in young minds, planting the idea that they are the changemakers of tomorrow.
At the same time, we hope to build a community that's conscious of its role in protecting our world. Every seminar, workshop, and campaign is aligned to that goal.
But our dream doesn't stop at education. It's about creating self-sustaining lives, where knowledge becomes a vital tool in ensuring there’s a meal on every plate and a roof over every head.

This is our pledge, our vision. Dive into the world of Vigyan Ashram, where we're not just teaching—we're transforming futures.

Board Members

Our Board Members are like the pillars of Vigyan Ashram. These visionaries lay the foundation upon which our dreams are built, guiding us with wisdom and foresight. Their vast experiences and profound insights are one of the biggest driving forces for the journey and its impact!

Indian Woman

Dr. Lalita Deshpande

Indian Woman

Mr. Ravindra Marathe

Indian Woman

Mr. Naciket Thakur

Indian Woman

Mr. Mahesh Dabak

Vice President
Indian Woman

Mr. Mangesh Kekre

Indian Woman

Pravrajika Vishuddhananda
(Bharti Thakur)

Indian Woman

Mr. Sarvjit Paranjpe


Our Supporters

General Insurance Corporation of India
Hindustan Petroleum
Life Insurance Corporation

Our Knowledge Partners

Vigyan Ashram, Pabal
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur
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