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Skills On Wheels

Skills on Wheels

India’s First of Its Kind Project: Transforming Lives, One Wheel at a Time

On 31st December 2022, the day that will marked in our books of history forever as we rolled out our Skills on Wheel initiative at Nimar Abhyudaya.

What’s it about?
Skills On Wheels is not just a bus; it’s our "Koushlya Rath"

This bus drives right to the villages in the rural and Tribal areas of Khargone district, opening the doors of education again for those who left school and also for the students from Government Schools.

This van is more than just wheels and seats; it’s a dream of a better tomorrow, and we're thrilled to be able to play our role in that.

Big cheers to our generous hearts - Shri Charudutta Bhide from Pune, Smt. Asha Gokhale from the USA, and Mrs. Supriya Valendkar. It is their valuable contributions that have helped these wheels to stay in motion!

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